Grassroots Sponsorship

Whilst IML works with many national and international sponsorship opportunities and brands, we have also developed a track record in putting together local partnerships too.

The number of businesses and brands that have a need to reach only a local or regional audience is vast. IML has a team who are able to help those businesses in the same way as the larger organisations we work for.

If you are a business who want to reach people in just a given town, county or region then talk to us about how we can help get your brand in front of your potential customers and raise their awareness of who you are, what you do and the products and services you provide. Get engaged with your market on a community basis.

Likewise local sports clubs and events have as much of a need for commercial sponsorship and partnerships as their bigger professional counterparts.

We can create tailored plans for your business whatever your sector and whatever your audience OR for your club or event, whatever your locality - the principles of professional sport as seen on our Sponsor Marketing and Sponsor Acquisition pages also apply at this level.

And here is a great example of a local sponsor partnership range of opportunities - Woking & Horsell CC


IML have been instrumental in focusing the club on it's commercial value and it's appeal to local businesses. They have opened up a good number of additional revenue streams that are vital to a growing club like ours.

Peter Smith, Chairman, Woking & Horsell CC


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