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What are the Challenges that Face The Sponsorship Industry  in 2017?

Whilst sponsorship in the widest sense continues to flourish, even in the light of difficult economic conditions around the globe, the sponsorship industry has much to do to continue too deliver value and impact for it's customers.

Those challenges are many and varied and some are clearly more significant than others.............

Sponsorship - More Than just Branding, Maybe?

There have been many articles written along the lines of ‘Sponsorship – More Than Just Branding’. Whilst it’s plain that sponsorship has evolved into far more than straightforward logo placement, it’s important not to forget that branding – be it via naming rights, advertising hoardings or shirt sponsorships – is still relevant within the sports and sponsorship field and most importantly, still deemed hugely valuable in the eyes of sponsors.

Sponsorship Marketing: A Framework for Evaluating Opportunity

Sponsorship marketing is a grey area for many marketers. Those who've focused on traditional advertising and publicity channels may be reluctant to delve into sponsorship activities or unsure how to find opportunities that fit. Evaluating teams, athletes, events and the benefits associated with sponsorship exposure can be cumbersome, particularly if you don't have your requirements and guidelines clearly defined ahead of time.

How Sponsors Can Stand out From the Crowd

Being remembered is never easy. Being remembered for the right thing is even harder. It is difficult for consumers to see the gaps between global tournaments and sport event coverage because it is a central area for revenue with broadcasters.

Is sponsorship an effective or even feasible option for smaller businesses?

It’s frequently undertaken by huge companies with vast marketing budgets, but is sponsorship an effective or even feasible option for smaller businesses?

Are Sports Sponsorship Deals Wise Even in a Recession?

The outcry emanating from Westminster and other bastions of economic responsibility might lead the taxpaying citizen to think that sponsorship and event marketing is ineffective or even worse—wasteful. Is that true......

How Small Business can use Sponsorship Effectively -

Sponsorship gives the impression that only international brands and high salary footballers can benefit from these strategies, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Women's UK Sport is Losing Out on Sponsorship Revenues -

A new study has revealed that sponsorship of women’s elite sport in the UK amounted to just 0.5% of the total market between January 2010 and August 2011.

How To Assess What to Sponsor

An increasingly common form of promotional activity even at local and grassroots level is sponsorship. However there are many kinds of sponsorship.

The Advantages of Corporate Sponsorship In the Community -

Many organisations understand the importance of giving back to the communities in which they operate.  These organisations, both large and small, recognize their responsibility to support their communities and those living within them.


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