The Advantages of Corporate Sponsorhip in the Community


Many organisations understand the importance of giving back to the communities in which they operate.  These organisations, both large and small, recognize their responsibility to support their communities and those living within them.

Corporate sponsorships can be substantial for large organisations but can also be very significant for a smaller business.  Giving is relative and the small need of one organisation may be just as important as the large need of another.  So whether your organisation sponsors an annual fundraiser for cancer research or donates supplies for disaster relief, every gift is important.

So what are the advantages of corporate sponsorships?

1.  Having a Cause
Human beings at the highest level yearn to have a cause and reason for existence.  Corporate sponsorships give organisations a reason to give back to their communities and champion a cause for positive change.

2.  Good Public Relations
Being a corporate sponsor that supports a local event or charity sends a positive message to the community about the organisation’s interest in giving back.  These efforts become subtle positive messages about the organisation giving back to the community and provides a great public relations opportunity.

3.  Advertising/Name Recognition
Organisations that participate in corporate sponsorships get an added benefit of marketing their name and business.  Having the organisation’s name and logo printed on signage, t-shirts or other materials is a great way to advertise and increase name recognition within the community.

4.  Some Tax Advantages
Tax laws are complex and seeking advice froma professional about all of your tax questions is important, but there are some tax advantages to corporate sponsorships.

5.  Employee Engagement
Employees take pride in working for organisations that demonstrate moral, ethical and caring behaviors.  When employees work for organisations that give back to their communities, they are more likely to take pride in the organisation and demonstrate behaviors of employee engagement.

6.  Team Building Opportunity
Some businesses encourage employees to participate in organisations they sponsor and have relationships with.  I have seen this with teams of employees participating in a disaster relief project or a group of employees volunteering at an early childhood center.  Either experience takes the employee out of the work environment and fosters team building. 

Giving back is important for all of us and especially for businesses within the community.  Taking time to explore the needs of others and committing resources to helping those in our communities is what makes us different from so many other nations.  There are many resources available to help find organisations in need of sponsors.

Does your organisation sponsor anyone? If not maybe we can help.

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