Sponsorship Activation

Once a sponsorship is agreed, then the hard work begins. When a sponsorship is activated properly, it can benefit all aspects of a business and a brand. The sponsorship business isn’t just about “doing the deal”—it’s about bringing sponsorship elements to life. How companies interact with their customers and potential customers may well become the ONLY real competitive difference they have left.

The key is to maximise the rights and benefits around a sponsor’s goals for the sponsorship. IML’s approach to activation is simple:-

·       We listen to your needs.

·       We formulate an activation plan in conjunction with you.

·       We look to achieve a win-win for you as sponsor and rights holder alike through our work.

·       We manage the strategy and report regularly to you, our client.

·       We ensure that the simple things are done well (e.g. branding, hospitality, online content etc.).

·       We look to be innovative and add value through CSR, event, HR and PR initiatives.

·       We look at ways to make sponsorship quantifiable. This could be via sales, a media valuation or other criteria.

·       We are happy to consider one-off activation briefs or to work as a retainer-based, annual consultancy.

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