Excite Rallye Raid - Dakar 2014

The Competition


  • The Dakar Rally is internationally recognised as being the world’s most gruelling and arduous motorsport even.,

  • Followed by billions globally on TV and throughout the media,

  • Hundreds of competitors cover in excess of 9,000 kilometres in 14 days over some of the most hostile environmental conditions found anywhere.


Spectators at the Race

  • For the 2013 race the number of spectators on the route were – Peru: 1.8 million, Argentina: 1.5 million and Chile: 1.3 million.

  • 110,000 people present at the start inn Lima.

Dakar on TV

  • 1 Billion Viewers

  • 70 broadcasters, 190 countries received images from the rally

  • Total coverage of 1,200 hours.

Taking account of the broadcast times of these programmes and the news reports, the audience of the various channels as well as the rates charged by their advertising departments, the worth of this exposure has been evaluated at 386 million dollars.

On the race, 55 international, national or regional channels sent crews to produce their own images in addition to the programmes produced daily by the organisers.

Digital Dakar -

Dakar.com website 74 million page views

You Tube: 6 million clips were viewed during the race.

The official Dakar Facebook page brought together 760,000 fans

90,000 people signed up to follow the Dakar’s Twitter account.

270,000 mobile applications following the Dakar were downloaded last year versus 92,000 in 2012.

Unique Selling Points

       Chance to be involved with the first all British Dakar Rally Team

       National and International promotion and coverage

       2014 Race with a Front running Team

       A pedigree to win Races

       Investment towards a sustainable British Dakar Rally presence and across other off-road rally events – the fastest growing area of motorsport.

Potential Routes to Market

  • Branding on Cars, Driver, Overalls and / or helmet, Transporters, Motorhome Pit and Garage backdrops. 
  • Show Car availability
  • Race event placements – your clients or employees join the team for a selected event.
  • Driver and Team image rights
  • Web links (from Excite Rallye Raid to sponsor)
  • PR at events and across the season on a global basis.
  • Client engagement and employee reward events with the Team

Promotion Ideas

  • Employee reward through race event placement. 
  • Client engagement through competitions to take part in driver training schools and race event.
  • Use of show car for corporate events and / or open days.
  • Driver appearances and driver motivational talks or talks based on preparation for the event(s).

Finance Options

For the 2014 tilt at the Dakar Rally the team will require around £275,000 of funding. This can come from a single title sponsor partner or from two or three partners. There is enough leverage in the package to accommodate that.

For more information or to arrange an informal initial discussion please contact: Dean Faulkner, IML Sports Marketing



Appendix 1

The Team

Poole-based Excite Rallye Raid is an all-professional, all-British Dakar Rally team aiming to enter the 2013 FIA Off Road Rally Championship.  The team has spent several years planning to take on the gruelling Dakar Rally in 2014.

For 2013 and 2014, the team aims to start with a single vehicle but build up to running 3 vehicles, all specially-commissioned from RaBe Race Cars, driven by Martin Rowe, John Hardy and Andrew Coley.

The team combines world-class drivers with an experienced management, marketing and support crew, working with the tough and reliable RaBe Race Cars vehicle to fly the flag for Great Britain in the spirit of all the great British explorers and adventurers from history.

Martin Rowe

British Rally Champion, British Formula Rally Champion, Production World Rally Champion, Chinese Rally Champion, Manx Stage Rally Champion, Peugeot Challenge Champion, Manx National Rally Winner, Group N British Rally Champion and Ford Test and Development Driver.

Andrew Coley

Class A6 MSA National Gravel Rally Champion, ASEMC 1600cc Champion, MSA Selection for “Fit To Be Champion” Scholarship and previous Reserve Driver with NISMO Dakar Team.

John Hardy

20 years of British National Rally Championship experience including ACSMC Rounds, Rally Driving Instructor providing vehicle set-up and training for British Championship Drivers.



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